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  1. Cindy on

    I can’t comment to the camera competition post, don’t know why but I hope I can take a part to it in here!:) So I just started blogging becouse I want to inspiration people and I just LOOOVE blogging and I dont know yet what I want to do after highschool so I want succes of keeping blog example with high quality of photos BUT I don’t have my own camera. I have to borrow camera when I take a pictures. I don’t have money to buy camera, I don’t get money to even save for it. So I really need a camera. If I understood right You can win two camera? Well if I win I will give that another camera to my bestfriend who also started blogging and want it to become her’s job one day! (She doesn’t have her own camera either) And I would also like to take beautiful pics of my family, friends and anything what comes to mind and give the pics as a presents for their. I want save good memories of my life with good camera. New camera would be in my hands everyday. Ps. I love your blog and I get especially make up inspiration from you! Keep going girl!<3 -finnishgirl


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