Story by Lisa Olsson & Tim Lorentzén. Filming & editing by Tim Lorentzén


We went to the jungle. // Hope you like it! 

13 Responses to “VIDEO // JUNGLE”

  1. Claris on

    that is so sick in the worst way, how much damage alexis and jay has done in social media.
    Could you please star being yourself and do creative things and stop copying the same style, music, boyfriend needed thing as they do.

    This is obvious a mere copy like all the world is doing, just because they both had some sucess dping that now all bloggers are doinf the same losing all you credibility, originality and self´-respect.

    I used to like you Lisa but now you are clarify lack of personality.

  2. Sarah on

    Lightning and camera is nicely done! 🙂 My feedback would be that a story in it would give the video more depth and substance – it can come across as a bit too shallow. But there are some really nice shots, with they eyes and the sunlight!


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