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16:30 | September 28, 2015


Lisa-Olsson-Skyr-3 Lisa-Olsson-Skyr-2

Jag har precis dragit igång ett samarbete tillsammans med Skyr som ni snart kommer att få se mer ifrån – och nyligen blev Skyr först i Sverige om att släppa en yoghurt som är gjorda på grönsaker, Green supreme och Pick me up! Green supreme innehåller hög halt av frukt & grönt (8,4%) och är smaksatt med gurka, aloe vera, Bramley äpplen och Mynta och är smaken man bör välja när man vill åt något uppfriskande men samtidigt mättande. Pick me up innehåller även den hög halt av frukt & grönt (10,4%) och är smaksatt med bitar av rödbeta, granatäpple, citron och lime. Båda produkterna har fått ett ny förpackning som är bättre för miljön, samtidigt som innehållet är fritt från E-nummer, aromer och endast sötat med ekologisk agavesirap. Låter det lockande? Stay tuned för videos här inom kort, där jag kommer visa hur man kan göra grymma smoothies på dessa! Puss!


Translation: I’ve just started a collab together with Skyr which you’ll see more from in the near future – and recently they became the first in Sweden to released a yoghurt that’s made of greens, Green supreme and Pick me up! Green supreme has a high content of fruits & vegetables (8,4%) and is flavored with cucumber, aloe vera, Bramley apples and mint and is the product you should choose when you want something refreshing yet satiation. Pick me up is also filled with fruits & vegetables (10,4%) and is flavored with pieces of beetroot, pomegranate, lemon and lime. Both products got a new packaging that is more environmentally friendly, at the same time as the contents are free from E-numbers, flavors and only sweetened with ecologic agave syrup. Sounds good? Stay tuned for videos here soon, in which I will show you how to make some tasty smoothies with these! Love!

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7 kommentarer om “GREEN SUPREME / PICK ME UP”

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  • this is a fantastic idea!

  • Hoppas dessa lanseras också i Finland!

  • J’adore!

  • Hello Lisa!
    I really admire you but I have one problem. Since we live in a world where girls have really huge self esteem problems and think they aren’t beautiful enough, social enough or cool enough, I think it would be really important for famous bloggers like you, to show them that you CAN be imperfect, and it’s ok! Now it feels like everything has to be perfect, you and your fashion blogger friends are living this rich life where you travel all the time, buy a lot of clothes, eat out and have a million friends and at the same time you always look flawless with perfect hair and nails and skin etc.. This is not a life everyone can have, and I think a lot of people get sad since they feel that they aren’t good enough because their lives are pretty ordinary compared to yours. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t live like that, I just think it would be healthy not to only show your perfect side. You can show your imperfect side without becoming unprofessional. this is very important and I know myself that I feel bad because I could never live up to your standards. I don’t mean anything bad, but I think this would be important for you to know.
    Best regards
    Norwegian Anki studying In Finland

  • Åh Gud så gott detta ser ut ! Ska bli super spännande att göra detta, älskar din kombination i smoothie !!

  • Oj hoppas dom lanserar i Finland också! Älskar hur du har fotat produkterna, så fint! =)

  • Hi Lisa! Love your blog, been reading it since you were very young 🙂 I really want to try this product, but does it have any dairy in it? Would really appreciate a reply! <3